m2 property

m2 property is a property investment company based in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. We specialise in the purchase, restoration and rental of properties in the Canary Islands.

We work with individual property investors and property investment groups from Spain and abroad sourcing properties at prices lower than market value and assisting in the purchase process.

Casa Recompensa

Launched in 2014 by m2 Property, casarecompensa.com specialises in finding and restoring abandoned properties in the Canary Islands. Individuals can find abandoned properties and when we locate the owner and purchase the property we will pay a 1% finder’s fee. More information can be found at casarecompensa.com

Peregrina 9

In 2014 we acquired a long term lease on this beautiful building in Triana. With the help of Oscar Rodriguez from Oquio, we are converting it into an inspirational co-working and office space. We are hoping to finish in 2015 and open the doors to the world.

The team

Rafael Barneto, Architect. “I love working on all kinds of projects but my particular interest is sustainable innovation and development, from building design to landscape management, always seeking to optimise natural resources and building systems so as to minimise the environmental impact of buildings on the environment and its inhabitants. “

email: rafa@m2property.eu

Jaime Padrón, Engineer. “I am in charge of organising the restoration, making sure everything is done perfectly and all our houses are restored to a perfect condition. I love the whole building process and you’ll often see me getting my hands dirty on our building sites”

email: jaime@m2property.eu

Richard Clarke, IT. “I run the websites and our digital marketing. I have restored one of the oldest farms on the island and my passion is beautiful old Canarian architecture and furniture and you’ll often find me walking in the country looking for our next project.”

email: richard@m2property.eu

Juan Carlos Santana, property investment manager. “I’m the specialist in all the paperwork that accompanies any purchase, to make sure everything is in perfect order before we buy or sell any property. I have over 10 year’s experience in the Gran Canaria property market, buying and selling properties.”

email: juancarlos@m2property.eu