Property Investment in Gran Canaria

At M2 Property we specialise in sourcing houses and commercial buildings for people who want to invest in property in Gran Canaria. Through our extensive experience in real estate in the Gran Canaria we are able  to obtain properties at prices significantly lower than market value and pass those savings onto our clients.

We have 2 methods of obtaining properties:

  1. Casarecompensa – Users in Gran Canaria find distressed properties in need of restoration and we find the owner and purchase to restore.
  2. Auction – We are specialists in buying properties at auction and obtain properties for our investment clients.

Typically we are able to obtain properties for our clients at prices 30% lower than the market value. If you are interested in investing in property in the Gran Canaria or other Canary Islands or would like more information on our services please contact us on or call us on +34 928504332.