Casa Recompensa

Launched in 2014 by m2 Property, specialises in finding and restoring abandoned properties in the Canary Islands.

We are constantly looking for empty or abandoned houses to purchase and renovate, however we can’t visit the whole island. We built to reward individuals who find abandoned properties and put us in touch with the owner and if we purchase the property we pay a 1% finder’s fee.

How does Casarecompensa work?

  1. We are sent a house and owner’s contact details from a user of the website
  2. We study the house in detail, check the paperwork and if everything is OK we contact the owner
  3. If the owner is willing to sell we offer to purchase the property
  4. Once the purchase is completed we give 1% of the purchase price to the user who sent us the details and we donate 500€ to a local charity
  5. We then fully restore the house and sell it.


More information can be found at